Mixed Case Password/Phrase Migration
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Mixed Case Password/Phrase Migration


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Currently the application Sign-On screens translate mixed case Passwords to uppercase. As a result they are stored on the TSS database in CAPS. 
We want to migrate to use Passphrases with mixed case composition. 
How might this be done with minimized disruption to the user community? 

In other words: 
1) If the password parameter does NOT include "MC", how are the passwords stored on the TSS database? 

2) If we convert some userids to PHRASE only, will the "MC" parameter on phrase accept mixed case for phrases? 


Component: TSSMVS


1) If NEWPW(MC) is not specified, the passwords are stored in upper case on the security file. 

2) Passphrases automatically support mixed case passwords. There isn't a NEWPHRASE(MC) option.