How do I add a new node to the compatability mode UI
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How do I add a new node to the compatability mode UI


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Compliance Event Manager


We have added a new system running its own Datacom and sharing its policy with an existing system .
The new UI setup allowed us to add the new system.
Is there a way to add the new system to the compatibility UI tree structure? 


Component: CEVM


The file that configures the compatibality UI is located at: 


This file can be edited to add node difinitions that follow the following template: 

<tree id="%UNIQUE_ID%" desc="%DESCRIPTION%"> 

There are five vairables that need to be configured: 

%UNIQUE_ID%: Unique string relative to other ids in this file needed to identify the node in the list. 
%DESCRIPTION%: Description used for the node name in the UI. 
%LDAP_HOSTNAME%: Host name of the machine that is hosting LDAP. 
%LDAP_HOST_PORT%: Port number of the LDAP that is listening on. 
%LDAP_HOST_SUFFIX%: Suffix value that LDAP has configured. 

Alternatively, this file can be modified within the configuration process by editing the following dataset in the same manner: 

After editing, re run J01160SP to copy the dataset the <CEM_CONFIG_PATH> directory 

After the file has been updated, restart tomcat and you should see the new node.