CA WA ESP Agent failure
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CA WA ESP Agent failure


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Workload Automation Agent


The CA WA ESP Agent failed. Please let me know what the root cause was. Is there a fix for this issue? 
I found the following message in the defaultlog_agent.archive.log after the agent was brought back up: 
04/25/2018 23:49:29.339 CDT-0500 1 main.Thread-6.CybSimpleHealthMonitor$[:399] - JVM shutting down 

I also found this message in receiver.archive.log: 
04/25/2018 23:49:09.714 CDT-0500 2 TCP/IP Controller Plugin.Receiver pool thread <Regular:1>.CybReceiverChannel.receive[:252] - Exiting conversation 

This message was found in the runner_os_component.archive.log: 
Wed Apr 25 23:49:20 2018: ServiceControl called with SERVICE_CONTROL_INTERROGATE 
Wed Apr 25 23:49:29 2018: System.exit(143) has been invoked 


OS: Win2012 
CAWA : 11.3 SP6 


OS maintenance was applied on Win2012 box.
After maintenance was applied application was not bounced properly.


 Collected Agent log files which showed no indication of the problem.
As a next step collected system log files.

I found following message in event viewer log file The CA WA Agent service depends on the Netlogon service which failed to start because of the following error: The operation completed successfully.

Seems all the services were not up once OS maintenance was applied. So when system was restarted that brought all services up and hence Autosys agent is up since that needed step was taken.