Help importing BIAR file (IM default OOTB reports) into CABI 2.1 (IM Reporting Server)
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Help importing BIAR file (IM default OOTB reports) into CABI 2.1 (IM Reporting Server)


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You've attempted the importIMBiarFiles.bat/sh, but you can't import the following OOTB reports to BusinessObjects Enterprise Central Management Console, Home > Folders > IM Reports: (evolving list)

  • Endpoint Accounts
  • Non-Standard Accounts
  • Non-Standard Accounts Trend
  • Orphan Accounts
  • Policies
  • Role Administrators
  • Role Members
  • Role Owners
  • Roles
  • Snapshots
  • Task Roles
  • User Accounts
  • User Entitlements
  • User Policy Sync Status
  • User Profile
  • User Roles


Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6.8-Identity Manager-B to B


Best Practice: tiered deployment (IDMGR standalone and IM reporting standalone, not IDMGR and IM Reporting on the same node.)

<Please see attached file for image>

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Please implement the following steps, clarifying the installation guide in order to import the BIAR file into IAM Report Server and underlying CMS Database.

BIAR File Location - use one of the following (depending on CMS DB type chosen):

  • \Program Files\CA\IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools\imrexport\ReportDefinitions\IM Standard Reports\Ms-SQL_Reports\ms-sql_reports.biar
  • \Program Files\CA\IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools\imrexport\ReportDefinitions\IM Standard Reports\Oracle Reports\oracle_reports.biar

Copy the biar file for your DB (MSSQL or ORCL) from the IM Server to the Report server.

This will be the path you'll utilize when prompted for the BIAR file location, within the importIMBiarFiles.bat.

BIAR Tool location (on IM Application Server):

  • \Program Files\CA\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools\BIARTool 

Unzip the biar tool onto the Report server root drive,

The archive that was previously copied from IM Server, must be extracted directly into Root of the drive where you installed the report server (NO-SUBFOLDERS)

For example if you installed your report server on your %SYSTEM_DRIVE%, after unzipping you should have two new folders in C:

  • C:\biek
  • C:\import-biar-tool 

if you installed your report server on your E drive, after unzipping you should have two new folders in E:

  • E:\biek
  • E:\import-biar-tool 

Please ensure that your %JAVA_HOME% is valid within your set or modify file C:\import-biar-tool\importIMBiarFiles.bat to point to your Java installation, for example:

JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_11

Please execute the \import-biar-tool>importIMbiarfiles.bat from cmd prompt.

Be sure to fill in the correct information,

For example: An Oracle CMS DB setup would look something like this:

***********Setting up the Reports Server details... 
Enter Report Server root folder = C:\Program Files\CA\IAM Report Server 
Enter Business object database type (1=MSSQL, 2=Oracle) = 2 
Enter Business object database user = IM_REPORT 
Enter Business object database password = ******** 
Enter Business object database TNS name = ORCL 
Enter Business object system administrator's name(default "Administrator") = 
Enter Business object system password(administrator's) = ********* 
Enter BIAR file location = c:\oracle_reports.biar

(Please note; single and double quotes aren't required for paths which contain spaces.)

When you are prompted with: Do you want to remove the BIEK Install properties file created by this tool, please answer NO
This file can be used to invoke additional debug to assist support.

To enable debug please perform the following steps:

  • edit the file
  • change BIEK_LOGFILE=C\\\:/temp/BIEK.log to BIEK_LOGFILE=/C\:/temp/BIEK.log 

Subsequent imports can now be performed via the \import-biar-tool>importbiarfile.bat, which will automatically pull the information from within the import-biar-tool dir. (you don't need to retype all the info for Setting up the Reports Server details)

If required, please upload the following to your support issue:

  • BIEK.log
  • Any output from command prompt 

You can verify that the tool performed it's job by logging into the CMC and/or Infoview and you should find the 'HOME' -> 'IM Reports' folder with the default OOTB IM Reports, which were previously mentioned above within the Summary of this technical document.


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