Rally - How Plan Progression Capacity is calculated
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Rally - How Plan Progression Capacity is calculated


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How are the values of Capacity and Group percentages calculated on the Planned Progression page?


Component: ACSAAS


When looking at the following diagram the values shown for the overall team capacity and group percentages are calculated and defined as follows;

- The dependencies are not included and do not play into the calculation other than the leaf story rollup.

- Leaf Story Rollup is the plan estimate of any associated user stories for a feature. 

- The capacity is set based on what you folks think the overall team capacity should be, by default the page shows 100%. 

- The percentage value for the 'group' capacity is actually based on either the Preliminary Estimate or the Refined Estimate vs. the overall capacity. The refined estimate, when entered, will always override the preliminary estimate. 

Preliminary Estimates are valued (by default) as follows (note that this is also configureable for Portfolio items at the Workspace level) 
XS   = 1 pt. 
S     = 3 pts. 
M    = 5 pts. 
L     = 8 pts. 
XL   = 13 pts. 

In the example screen shot; 
-- The Cats team has an overall team capacity of 3, F52 has a refined estimate of 1, the 'group' capacity is therefore 33%. 
-- The Dogs team has an overall team capacity of 6, F42 and F2 both have a preliminary estimates of 'S', or 3 pts. each = 6 pts. total. The 'group' capacity is therefore 100%.