How to avoid CAS9012A/13A messages even when valid LMP KEY GC is present?
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How to avoid CAS9012A/13A messages even when valid LMP KEY GC is present?


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You may get CAS9012A CAS9013A messages even when the valid LMP KEY "GC" is present.





PDSMAN is made up of five independently licensable components with the key codes F2, F6, FZ, F3, and FY.

There is another code, GC, that encompasses all five of these sub-keys.

However, if you happen to start PDSMAN before you "turned on" the general GC key by starting CAS9, then CAS9 builds a 'violations table' when the products are first initialized for the individual codes FY FZ F2 F3 and F6. The CAS9012A/13A messages are issued periodically once an LMP key violation has occurred on the system.

PDSMAN checks first for GC, and if there is no key for that then it checks for FZ, FY etc, and if they too are missing then all those product codes would be put into the violations table. Installing the GC code and rerunning CAS9 will remove violation messages for GC, but the other codes will remain in the table and the warning messages will continue to be issued until after an IPL.

This problem also may occur, if you had an EKG Key and then start CAS9 with new keys.

This is working as designed and is not a problem as such; the functionality of PDSMAN is not restricted by this in any way, except you will have to deal with the CAS9012A/13A messages until your next IPL.