How to use the OpenVMS Logical Disk (LD) facility to access an ISO disk image of a OpenVMS product
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How to use the OpenVMS Logical Disk (LD) facility to access an ISO disk image of a OpenVMS product


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System Watchdog for OpenVMS Unicenter Job Management Option CA Unicenter NSM


The following steps illustrate how to mount an ISO image of a OpenVMS product CD/DVD. These steps are valid for OpenVMS Alpha 7.3-2 and up and OpenVMS I64 8.2-1 and up. The partial example installation log included in this document uses the Alpha image, CDM06125734E.ISO.


Release: CAIMGT99000-3.1-Infrastructure Management


OpenVMS Alpha users should start at step 1. OpenVMS I64 users should start at step 4.

Note:  Steps 1 and 2 only need to be performed once on systems
       running OpenVMS Alpha 7.3-2 and are unnecessary on systems running
       OpenVMS Alpha 8.2 and up.

1. Edit the file SYS$STARTUP:CDRECORD.COM using any suitable text editor. Search for the text “load_ldcld:”.  
   The line immediately following the occurrence of this text should be “$ set command sys$input”. Starting with the line
   *IMMEDIATELY AFTER* the line that reads “$ set command sys$input”, cut all lines of text up to the line that reads
   “$ RETURN 1”, but not including it, into a file named LD.CLD.  Quit your editing session without saving changes. 
2. Edit the file, SYS$STARTUP:LD$STARTUP.COM and search for a line of text that reads:

   $ if f$file_attributes("sys$system:ld$utility.exe","known")    

   Insert the following lines of DCL immediately before that line:

   $ if f$file_attributes("sys$message:ld$msg.exe","known")
   $ then
   $   install replace sys$message:ld$msg.exe
   $ else
   $   install create sys$message:ld$msg.exe
   $ endif
   Close the file and terminate your editing session.

3. Add the LD command to your command tables. For OpenVMS Alpha 7.3-2,  you will use the 
   LD.CLD file that you created in step 1 as follows:


   For OpenVMS Alpha 8.2 and up,  execute the following:

4. Add the LD messages:


5. Start the logical disk facility by executing the new version of        
   LD$STARTUP.COM created in STEP 3. This only needs to be executed
   once after each system boot:


6. If you have not already done so, download the .ISO image of the product(s) that you wish to install
   and record the location where you have placed them on your OpenVMS system. These files *must*
   be transferred using a transfer type of “binary”.

7.  Connect the .ISO image to a logical disk device using the command:

   $ LD CONNECT  disk:[dir-path]filename.ISO

   The system will respond with the device name of the logical disk device that
   the .ISO file was connected to. Record this device name for use in step 7.

8. Mount the logical disk device using the command:

$ MOUNT/MEDIA=CD/OVER=ID  <logical-disk-device-from-step-6>

9. You may now follow the installation guide for the product that you are    
   installing by substituting the name of the logical disk device for the name
   of the CDROM or DVD device where indicated in the product installation guide.

10. You will need to repeat steps 6 and 7 for each ISO image for the              
    products that you wish to install. When you have completed the
    installations be sure to dismount and disconnect each logical disk using
    the following commands. You may do this after you complete each installation
    and before repeating steps 6 and 7 for other ISO product disk images or after you
    have completed all installations. If you choose the latter, repeat these commands
    once for each ISO product disk image that was connected and mounted:

    $ DISMOUNT  <LD-device-name>
    $ LD DISCONNECT <LD-device-name>

    The following is an example log showing the connection, mounting and start of the installation
    for the CA Performance Management Agent r3.1 for OpenVMS Alpha. This was performed on a system
    running OpenVMS Alpha 7.3-2. Steps 1, 2 and 3 have already been performed:

    $ LD CONNECT  $1$DKA100:[000000]CDM06125734E.ISO
    %LD-I-UNIT, Allocated device is $1$LDA6:
    %MOUNT-I-WRITELOCK, volume is write locked
    %MOUNT-I-CDROM_ISO, CA_PM_3_1_VMSAXP: (1 of 1) , mounted on  _$1$LDA6: (USXXXX)

    $ RUN $1$LDA6:[000000]SETUP_ALPHA.EXE
    UnZipSFX 5.20 of 30 April 1996, by Info-ZIP ([email protected]).
       inflating: ca$
       inflating: installhelp.hlp
       inflating: capm_product.key
       inflating: upm$readme.txt
       inflating: unzip_alpha.exe
       inflating: unzip_ia64.exe
     Setup location: $1$LDA6:[000000]

           Performance Management for OpenVMS

           Copyright (c) 2008 CA. All Rights Reserved.



           1      Performance Agent Install
           2      Performance Manager Install
           3      Accounting Chargeback Install

           I      Unicenter Integration Help
           P      Product Readme
           H      Install Help
           E      Exit

            Please Enter the Number of the Product you wish to
            install >>>> 1
   %DCL-S-SPAWNED, process SYSTEM_51726 spawned
   %DCL-S-ATTACHED, terminal now attached to process SYSTEM_51726
   UnZipSFX 5.20 of 30 April 1996, by Info-ZIP ([email protected]).
     inflating: ca$
     inflating: ca$setup.ini
   replace unzip_alpha.exe? [y]es, [n]o, [A]ll, [N]one, [r]ename: A
     inflating: unzip_alpha.exe
     inflating: unzip_ia64.exe
   Platform type : ALPHA
   OS version    : V7.3
   Setup location: $1$LDA6:[000000.ENU.OPENVMS.PERFAGENT]
   Product Kit   : $1$LDA6:[000000.ENU.OPENVMS.PERFAGENT]UPMAGT_UNI_0000_080612_V031.ZIP;1