How to configure SMTP Email integration?
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How to configure SMTP Email integration?


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How to configure SMTP Email integration in CA Client Automation?


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SMTP Email integration can be configured using the following configuration policy:

There are 2 parameters that need to be set

  • Mail from-Address

This is the address that is displayed in the from mail header. Update this configuration policy parameter to a valid Sender email address.

    • Default = AssetPolicyViolation
  • Mail Server
    • This is the DNS name or IP Address of the SMTP Mail server

Additional Information

If no email is sent, verify that the SMTP server is configured to allow the host to send emails.

There could be some configuration that might restrict only the SMTP server itself to send emails.

The Client Automation Manager host needs to be a trusted host to send emails in this type of environment. 

To test if the Client Automation Manager is able to send emails, check if you are able to use telnet

to login to the SMTP server and run SMTP commands:


  • telnet <name of smtp server> 25
  • helo <domain suffix>
  • mail from:<Sender email address>
  • rcpt to:<Recipient email address>
  • data
  • Subject:This is a test
  • This is a test
  • .(the dot needs to be typed)
  • Quit 


This should send an email from the SMTP server to the defined recipient. If it fails, then the

SMTP server configuration will need to be investigated and altered to allow this.



SMTP server =

recipient address = [email protected]

telnet 25
mail from: [email protected]
rcpt to:[email protected]
Subject:This is a test
This is a test