CA Easytrieve Compatible with z/OS 2.2
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CA Easytrieve Compatible with z/OS 2.2


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Upgrading from z/OS 1.13 to z/OS 2.2, which releases of CA Easytrieve are compatible?


Component: EZTPLS


The CA Easytrieve product supports releases 11.6, 11.5, and 6.4.
All three of  these CA Easytrieve supported releases are compatible with z/OS releases 1.13 and 2.2, with one exception of PTF RO94347 needed for release 11.6.

Under Support Online, here is the link for the z/OS compatibility:

This lists the one PTF RO94347, which is required for CA Easytrieve release 11.6 for various z/OS operating systems (reported under z/OS 1.13 and z/OS 2.3, but not yet reported under z/OS 2.2). This PTF is needed if CA Easytrieve programs  do a CALL to the EZTPX01 module.