Which CA Common Services are needed for CA GEN?
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Which CA Common Services are needed for CA GEN?


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We have found in the documentation an item that states: 

The following CA Common Services are used with CA Gen:
CAIRIM (Resource Initialization Manager)
CA LMP (License Management Program services)
CAISSF (Standard Security Facility)
CA-C Runtime
CAICCI (Common Communication Interfaces)
CAIENF (Event Notification Facility

The Customer wishes to know if they need to have ALL the other items installed in order to upgrade and continue to use the product.


Component: CGHE


While all of the components are listed, only the CAS9E10 component is the required one.

This one includes CAIRIM (Resource Initialization Manager), CA LMP (License Management Program services), and CAISSF (Standard Security Facility). The others are optional and not needed for the CA GEN product to be upgraded.

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