Unable to delete private key
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Unable to delete private key


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CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


I need to delete all of the keys without special purpose from the Gateway storage. The only one that must be there is the default "ssl". However, when I tried to delete them, the Policy Manager shows this error: Unable to delete key: Key '' is in use by the connector for current admin connection" What can I do?


Component: APIMBL


The problem was that the key we were trying to delete, was in use when it should not have been used. The HTTPS listen ports were set to be using the default SSL key (which is supposed to be 'ssl') but for some reason it was using the other key that we were trying to delete.


The key could be deleted when we forced the HTTPS listen ports to use the 'ssl' key instead of the default. You can configure this within the listen port properties under the "SSL/TLS Settings" tab.

Additional Information

NOTE: You will have to use a port that is configured for SSL (e.g. 8443 or 9443) and you cannot change the port that you are currently connected to.

ALSO need to check Policies to see if any are using the private key for decode/encoding 

Access mysql 

mysql> use ssg;

mysql>select name from ssg.policy where xml like "%<ALIAS of KEY>%";

Then search for each service name returned and change the key