Oracle custom query monitoring
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Oracle custom query monitoring


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We created a custom query to run a query that returns account expiration dates that we wish to monitor so that we can raise alarms when the account is about to expire, but we cannot get the custom query to work with the oracle probe.


Any UIM version
Any oracle probe version


The custom query returned a list of account names and expiration dates.  As documented in the "(Optional) Create Custom Checkpoints" section of the "oracle IM Configuration" and "oracle AC Configuration" Wiki pages, the custom query has to return at least one numeric column that will be used as Checked value (all numeric formats are supported).


Custom checkpoints in the oracle probe only supports monitoring of numeric fields returned by the custom query. The current design does not support monitoring of a time/date field to be used to generate alarms if the time/date will expire in a set number of days or has already expired.