How to Apply Maintenance to CA Web Viewer 12.1
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How to Apply Maintenance to CA Web Viewer 12.1


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Output Management Web Viewer


Maintenance instructions are the same for all platforms


Release: CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1
Component: WBVLUW


  1. Download the maintenance zip file from Broadcom Support to your PC.
  2. Unzip the ZIP file using winzip or a winzip clone
  3. Locate the CA_OM_WEBVIEWER_12_1_Updt.jar under the resulting \Multiplatform folder.
  4. Transfer (via binary transfer) the file to the system where Web Viewer is installed
  5. From the command line, execute the file via command:
​         java -jar CA_OM_WEBVIEWER_12_1_Updt.jar 

     Note: The java executable must be in the path for this to work.  You can alternately invoke java using a full path.

If this command does not work, try
      java -classpath [path to]/CA_OM_WEBVIEWER_12_1_Updt.jar install
If that does not work either, on sh-like shells, try 
      cd [to directory where CA_OM_WEBVIEWER_12_1_Updt.jar is located]
      export CLASSPATH
java install
 Or for csh-like shells, try

      cd [to directory where CA_OM_WEBVIEWER_12_1_Updt.jar is located]
      setenv CLASSPATH CA_OM_WEBVIEWER_12_1_Updt.jar; java install

 ​6. Once the installation starts, follow the prompts to complete the update. 
  7. Stop and start Tomcat or reycle Web Viewer with Websphere

Note: This APAR contains all previous fixes for product. Applying a lower number APAR will regress the product.

Additional Information

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