GDPR Compliance in Agile Central
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GDPR Compliance in Agile Central


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Rally On-Premise


In order to help customers comply with the EU’s Right to be Forgotten Regulation, CA has the following options:


1) A Subscription Administrator can open a Support Case to have their Subscription deleted.  Please note that it will take 21 days to have data completely phased-out of backups.  This will permanently remove All data in the Entire Subscription.

2) A Subscription Administrator can open a Support Case and provide a list of usernames to be permanently deleted.  This will permanently remove the user’s name from the Subscription.

3) If the Subscription Administrator determines that there is Personally Identifiable Information within the work items owned by the user, they can delete their work. 

To remove a specific user’s “work”, A Subscription Administrator can use the Custom List App on each work item type and filter for the user.  The Sub Admin will then delete the work items and permanently remove them from the Recycle Bin to ensure that they do not get restored. 

**Please note that the Sub Admin will have to navigate through each project in each workspace, this includes closed workspaces and closed projects.**

Once all work item types have been deleted, the the Sub Admin can open a support case and provide a list of users to have them permanently deleted.  For security purposes, CA does not have access or authorization to modify (or delete) customer data. 

**Please note that deleting work items can affect any number of metrics, roll-ups and charts by showing inaccurate data, especially for work that has been Accepted within iterations, releases and milestones.  **


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