How do I find what's behind each backup event
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How do I find what's behind each backup event


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VM:Backup for z/VM VM:Backup High-Speed Disaster Recovery Option (HiDRO)


How is each backup event defined and controlled ?



Component: HIDRO


From your description, it sounds like you need to exclude some minidisks or DASD from the backups. 

You can modify a HiDRO base backup to exclude user IDs on a particular DASD volume. 

To do that, you will need to exclude these IDs in your base backup's 
SELECT file (example: WEEKLY SELECT that resides on SYBMON's 191). 

There should be a corresponding WEEKLY CMDCTL file as well. 

So, logon to SYBMON. 

Select PF5 Define/Change Backups 

In the SELECT file, add the E userid vaddr 

It will pull up a screen that looks like this (for WEEKLY): 

Backup Name : WEEKLY 

Backup type : BASE Incremental Type : Physical Pool : SCRATCH 

| | 
| . WEEKLY CMDCTL A controls how the disks are backed up. | 
| . WEEKLY SFSCTL A controls how the SFS objects are backed up. | 
| | 
| . WEEKLY SELECT A controls which disks and SFS objects are | 
| backed up. | 
| | 
| Hit PF4 to generate a sample jobstream based on the control files | 
| | 
| . WEEKLY SYSIN A the sample jobstream generated. | 

Review your other backups, DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY as you will likely need to exclude the same dasd and or minidisks in those jobs as well. 

So, this is where you can see what each job does.