Assembling the XCOMACF2 Security Module for CA XCOM Data Transport for Z/OS
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Assembling the XCOMACF2 Security Module for CA XCOM Data Transport for Z/OS


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XCOM Data Transport XCOM Data Transport - z/OS


When and how to Assemble the XCOMACF2 Security Module for CA XCOM.

You must assemble or relink the XCOMACF2 module as described below for r11.6 or r12. However if you have RO94308 Enhancement Support for Passphrase Security applied, you must use the new XCOMSEC Security module instead as described in Additional Information below. 


Release: XCOM Data Transport for z/OS

Component: xcmvs


All CA XCOM Data Transport installations using CA ACF2 Security as their security interface must reassemble the CA ACF2 Security module for CA XCOM Data Transport.

Member ASMACF2U in yourhlq.CBXGJCL provides an example of assembling and linking this CA ACF2 Security module (see the appendix "Sample Files" in the CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS User Guide). You must do this when you do a new install or upgrade CA XCOM in order to ensure that your security is in place and working.

Only - if you have an existing XCOMACF2 module that is already assembled and working for the current release of CA XCOM, and you have just upgraded to a newer release of CA ACF2, you may just relink the module. The yourhlq.CBXGJCL library contains a sample JCL procedure that can be used to link CA XCOM Data Transport's CA ACF2 interface module to the version of CA ACF2 that is running. Edit yourhlq.CBXGJCL (LINKACF2) to fit your particular installation. Next, submit the edited procedure as a job. Be sure to check for any unresolved references in the linkage editor output.

Additional Information

XCOMSEC Security Module

If the r12 PTF RO94308 to enable passphrase support is applied, the XCOMSEC module performs all CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS security processing. XCOMSEC replaces XCOMACF2, XCOMTOPS and XCOMRACF.  No additional assembly or linking is necessary to run with the default CA XCOM security interface.

CAI.CBXGSAMP(XCOMSEC) contains the source code for the XCOM Security Interface. CAI.CBXGJCL(XCOMSEC) contains sample JCL that you use to assemble and link edit it.

Follow these steps:

  1. (Optional) Customize XCOMSEC.
  2. Edit XCOMSEC to fit your installation standards and requirements. 
  3. Submit the edited procedure as a job. Check for any errors in the assembly or link edit job steps.

For information on using PASSWORD and LPASS with passphrase security, see Security Planning.