How to add CA Spool space dynamically?
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How to add CA Spool space dynamically?


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Sometimes it is necessary to increase the size of space used to hold CA Spool files. The spool datasets are defined with the CA Spool parameter SPOOLDS and it is possible to add new datasets without having to stop the CA Spool started task.


Release: any
Component:  CSPOOL


To add a spool dataset to CA Spool use the following procedure:


  1. Allocate a new spool dataset using the IEFBR14 utility. The CBQ4JCL member BQ4JALOC can be used as a template. Please insure that the allocation is contiguous, round and that you only allocate primary space. Secondary space is not used.
  2. Insert a SPOOLDS statement in CAIQPARM corresponding to the new dataset.

    SPOOLDS NUM=nnn,DSNAME=dataset_name

    nnn is the next number available. For example, if currently there is only one spool dataset in use nnn will be 002. dataset_name is the spool dataset allocated in step 1)
  3. Issue the CA Spool command REINIT. The following messages will be issued after the successful completion of the procedure:

    ESF024 FORMATTING VOLUME=vvvvvv DSN= dataset_name
    ESF024 FORMAT COMPLETE V=vvvvvv DSN= dataset_name

Additional Information

You should first determine whether the existing checkpoint file(s) can handle the amount of SPOOLDS space that you are adding before you add them.

Insure that the checkpoint files and spoolds files are allocated on low impact volumes. You can have multiple spoolds files on the same volumes. However it is suggested that the spoolds files be on different volumes from the checkpoint file(s).


You can add multiple SPOOLDS files at one time with a REINIT command.

CA Spool Parameter Reference - SPOOLDS Statement