Receiving PDSMDMCP-D5 messages
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Receiving PDSMDMCP-D5 messages


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 PDSMDMCP-D5 messages started being issued and are not in the CA PDSMAN Message Guide

What is the resolution for the  PDSMDMCP-D5 messages being experienced? Cannot find this in the CA PDSMAN Message Manual.


Release: PDSMA200200-7.4-PDSMAN-PDS Library Management-TWO COMPONENTS


The diagnostics that are being produced were added in version 7.4 at the request of a client that was having a problem with crashing systems. They are turned on automatically when the PDSMCPU-04 message is issued.                                                                            
The actual diagnostic messages are not in the CA PDSMAN Message Reference.  
However, they are mentioned in the PDSMMCPU-04 message text which says "This message may be followed by one or more diagnostic messages that provide additional detail."  
These are diagnostic messages telling us that a PDSMAN STC has lost communication with other systems from a non-normal shutdown. The automated "handshake" function returned and error PDSMDMCP-D5 which tells us that the communication failed. Active PDSMAN systems notice that the crashed system is not around anymore and the first one that notices will issue a PDSMMCPU-04 message.
The best resolution is to make sure all the CA PDSMAN STCs are active and running to maintain communications.