Copy Job failing due to Space
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Copy Job failing due to Space


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We are recently receiving failures in one of the Copy utility job, Job code is generated by CA utilities and it was suppose to have DCMULTIV instead of DCSEQ1. Looking at the data of the object the code should be using MULTIV and it doesn't happen all the time. We have to hardcode the job to change to MULTIV. 




The model you are using is not the one we deliver. It has been amended on your system. The Dataclass you get DCMULTIV or DCSEQ1 is based on the size of the object. Due to this code in your model. #SET %MAXSIZE = %CALC(%ROSYSREC * %PARTTOT) #IF(%MAXSIZE,GE,1000) DATACLAS DCMULTIV SPACE(800,600) CYL #ELSE DATACLAS DCSEQ1 


If you wish to always get a Dataclass of DCMULTIV for this job you need to change your model.