Debugging web applications or background tasks
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Debugging web applications or background tasks


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If there is no userid, associated with a web transaction, you will get breakpoints each time the program runs.


Release: OSINBV00200-9.1-InterTest-Batch


Controlling when a program's breakpoints are taken using Indirect Commands in InterTest for CICS

Customers who have a need to debug COBOL or PLI programs which are invoked by a web process or run as background tasks that are not associated with a specific terminal or userid, can now use the Indirect Command feature to specify their own criteria for when a programs breakpoints will be taken.

This is accomplished by defining a single breakpoint at the beginning of a program with an indirect command that specifies the criteria for which all remaining breakpoints should be taken.

For example, if the same program was invoked by multiple transaction id's and you wanted to only debug the program and take breakpoints when only a specific transaction id is specified, this can now be done using Indirect Commands.

From the ITST Menu select option 2.1, enter the program name and select Commands to bring up the Indirect Command screen.

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Set the Term ID to .ANY.

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src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AJyAAAW" alt="Figure 2" width="500" height="376">

In the Indirect Commands menu, add the indirect commands which will define the conditions for when to take breakpoints in this program. In the example below, two Indirect Commands (00010 and 00020) were specified.

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src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AJyBAAW" alt="Figure 3" width="500" height="376">

After the indirect commands are specified, using the program source listing, set an unconditional breakpoint at the beginning of the procedure division which will execute indirect command 10 by specifying the 'U' line command and the BPO primary command.

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src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AJyCAAW" alt="Figure 4" width="500" height="376">

Specify the indirect command statement number which will be executed when the breakpoint is reached. Specify FROM Terminal, where breakpoint will take effect, as .ANY.

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AJyDAAW" alt="Figure 5" width="500" height="376">

Now, all other program breakpoints which are set will only be taken when the conditions specified by indirect command 10 are true.

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src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AJyEAAW" alt="Figure 6" width="500" height="376">


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