How to permanently stop sending tracking data to another ESP master without stopping ESP STC
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How to permanently stop sending tracking data to another ESP master without stopping ESP STC


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ESP Workload Automation


Scenario: Have multiple XMITMDL definitions on various MVS nodes containing ESP_N15 similar to this: XMITMDL ADD MODEL(MODELGBL) - NODE(ESP_N3,ESP_N1,ESP_N8,ESP_N10,ESP_N15) We recently decommissioned the node where ESP_N15 lived. We have yet to complete the update of control members on other nodes containing the definitions above. Subsequently we have seen the TP Server checkpoint file fill up (ESPM1456S) on at least one node due to thousands of held transactions for ESP_N15. We have alleviated the situation temporarily by issuing the command TPAPPL ESP_N15 DELHELD.

Here's the questions:
1) What exactly are the held transactions? What generates them? (We are not actually submitting jobs to the decommissioned node.)
2) Is there a command we can issue to dynamically remove the connection definition? Or do we have to update the control members and cycle ESP to clear them out? (The TP currently shows as ESP_N15 (D) when performing TPDISP.)
3) We have some nodes where we have removed the ESP_N15 definitions and cycled ESP, but the TPAPPL ESP_N15 SHOWHELD command still shows held transactions. Will these roll off on their own, or do we need to manually issue the DELHELD command.


CA Workload Automation ESP Edition 11.4 Z/OS


1) Answer: The held transactions are the job tracking data that couldn't be sent over to ESP_N15. With following, tracking data related jobs tracked by MODELGBL will be sent to ESP_N15:
2) Answer: Yes,  you can use command below:
3) Answer: Since the held transactions were created BEFORE the connection was removed, you will need to manually issue TPAPPL with DELHELD to remove them.