Service Catalog - Alert Messages - Show Summary blank popup
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Service Catalog - Alert Messages - Show Summary blank popup


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The button "Show Summary" under Alert Messages produce a blank popup. The problem seems only exist under IE 11 - under Chrome it works.

The issue:
1. Start the IE11 browser
2a. Login to the SC-UI with spadmin userid
2b. Home/Messages>Alerts
3. Hit 'filter alerts'
3a. In the filter-popup:
3b. In properties, click on Date/Time
3c. In operators, click on >=
3d. In the calendar, select 1/1/2010
3e. Hit 'Add Condition'
3f. In operators, click on <=
3g. In the calendar, select 1/1/2019
3h. Hit 'Add Condition'
3i. Hit 'Filter' and then hit 'Close'.
>>> The list of alerts(1) appears.
4. From within the list, click on the 'summary' icon.
>> The summary popup appears.
>> In Chrome this is okay, in IE11, the popup is blank.



Windows, running IE11 and Chrome.


Set the IE11 browser in (F12) debug mode/debugger mode.
And while opening the summary for an alert, I get this returned:
SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'createStyleSheet'
File: wpf, Line: 331, Column: 11

Then in 'google' for this message "Object doesn't support property or method 'createStyleSheet'",
I found: "In "emulation mode" or older versions of IE it works."


The Solution:
Resolve the issue in the following way:
1. Start the IE11 browser
2. Open the Tools menu and select Compatibility View Settings.
3. I then added my server name (winx64) (hit the 'Add' button).
4. I checked both settings at the bottom.
5. And 'Close' the popup.
6. Refresh the browser(F5) and 
>> Open the summary which then shows properly.