Default value of the custom attribute not showing in the object
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Default value of the custom attribute not showing in the object


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Navigate to Admin - Objects - Project
2. Navigate to Attributes tab and click on NEW
3. Provide the below info
   Attr Name: Testing
   Attr ID: testing
   Data Type: Loookup and select Yes or No lookup
   Default: Yes (the defaukt can be set only after Saving)
Do Not check any of the boxes below the default value. 
4. Navigate to Views and configure this newly created attribute in the Project Summary page
5. Navigate to any projects and check the value in this attribute

Question: Why is the attribute showing null value and not the default value in the Project Summary page


Component: ODPRD


When a new attribute is created, a new column is crated in the odf_ca_project table with NULL values for all the existing projects. The default value is not taken automatically. 
Navigate back the Object - Attribute and click on the attribute created. Below the default value there should be a checkbox - Populate Null Values with the Default. 
Check that box and save. 
The check mark will disappear which is expected but the odf_ca_project table will be populated with the default value for all the existing instances of the project.