Error : Failed with abend at DISX code
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Error : Failed with abend at DISX code


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Whenever user is exiting the terminal session, user is facing the issue , one of the transaction is failed: Failed with abend at DISX code Error Code :

ICSCDISP0X , to locate permanent storage of the SCB is failed with return code 16.

Upgraded Z/Os to version from 1.13 to 2.1 and then started facing this issue  




The "locate permanent storage" of the SCF SCB failed - - -> RC=retcode

A CA Ideal transparent signon transaction was coded with CB PROGRAM=SC00DISP instead of PROGRAM=SC00INIT in the transaction PCT entry.
Correct the PCT entry to use PROGRAM=SC00INIT.

- The real cause here is customer using SM/SWAP facility from MacKinney.

With Ideal you must have a unique TERMID. Ideal does not support more than one VPE-based session. 

" The CICS AUXtrace indicates that the TS records are properly being  maintained in the two VPE sessions by SWAP. 
 However, VPE also maintains a control block in GLOBAL STORAGE which  SWAP does not maintain. It is this control block that is "cleared" 
when any VPE session is ended (because there exists only one control  block for each terminal). Therefore, once any VPE session in the 
 'SWAP session' is terminated, all subsequent sessions will fail  with a DISX abend." 

"Explained that a DISX abend occurs when session control blocks cannot be found. Unless SWAP can use different terminal-ids for each session, it 
will not be possible to run more than one VPE-based session with this product. "


User Actions:

- In any case be sure to Activate VPUR transaction.

- In case site is using SM/SWAP facility: if the SWAP terminal is configured with a unique TERMID, then it should work OK for IDEAL sessions. Please verify the SM/SWAP configuration.

Additional Information

IDEAL and SM/SWAP are z/os release transparent.