Unable to login in AWI during Zero Downtime Upgrade
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Unable to login in AWI during Zero Downtime Upgrade


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


User can not login to AE system after he disconnected from system in 3rd step of ZDU procedure. The login interface was hanging and not responding until time out.


Component: AAUTEN




Please re-run the upgrade procedure according to the following guide:
These are short description steps for Zero Downtime Upgrade (ZDU) procedure:
1. Log in AWI, start the ZDU process 
2. Load new DB schema using new DB load Utility-ZDU 
3. Install new Automation Engine-ZDU 
- Edit the new UCSrv.ini file, put ; before the CPs, WPs which are running 
- Start the new CPs, WPs, JWP in ServiceManager Dialog using new UCSrv.ini file 
- Check the running status of new CPs, WPs, JWP 
4. Upgrade the AWI 
- in config file of AWI you should change the CP port to new available port in new UCSrv.ini (such as: old system use 2 CPs, and 2 port 2217, 2218 --> You change the CP port in new AWI config to 2219, to make sure the next log in system is through new CPs, WPs and JWPs) 
5. Login system again in new AWI, reconnect Agent to new system 
6. Update other component as suggested in the instruction

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For further details please read these documents: