How to disable or enable email notifications for uprocs
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How to disable or enable email notifications for uprocs


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In order to enable or disable email notifications for uprocs, there are some node settings that need to be validated and/or modified first.
These settings should also be checked in the event that email notifications stop working and there are no messages regarding emails logged in either the universe.log, or the uproc job log.


Component: ADLRUN


Email notification must first be enabled and the SMTP server information entered into the node settings in order for email notification to function.
  • From the console, right-click on the node and select Node Settings
  • Scroll down to the SMTP settings
  • "Enable the e-mail notification by default" setting needs to be set to 'Enable' in order to receive the notifications, or to 'Disable' to stop email notifications for uprocs

Please refer to the UniViewer Console User Guide for a complete list of SMTP configuration settings.