Why is data going to Old interface after a hardware update on router.
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Why is data going to Old interface after a hardware update on router.


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


After replacement of a Router by a new model , all interfaces have changed of IFindex

In the NFA Console, the Enable Interfaces screen, it may show 2 interfaces using the same IFindex but different Description/Speed, and only the Old interfaces are still collecting the data

The new interfaces does not appear in the Physical and virtual panel, So no merge is possible .


NFA 9.3.3 to 9.5. 


The old interfaces are renamed with the "Old" prefix in the harvester.persistent_map table, but they are not updated in the harvester.interfaces_snmp table and the harvester.interfaces table doesn't have the updated interfaces mapping.



The steps below should resolve the issue for quick fix. Long term please upgrade to 10.0.x.

We also offer a patch for NFA 9.5:


1.  On the Harvester server, open a command prompt to log in to mysql by running:

mysql harvester

2.  Run the following using the ip address of your problem device to delete the existing interface mappings:

NFA 9.3.3 and below:

         delete from interfaces where inet_ntoa(router)="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx";


NFA 9.3.6+

delete from interfaces where inet6_ntoa(router)="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx";

3.  Recycle the CA NFA Harvester service.

4.  After allowing data to collect you should start to see data collect on the new interfaces, which should eventually get licensed and allow you to merge the Old interface data into the new the new interface data if you wish to keep historical data.


Additional Information

NFA 10.0.x versions have the fix. 

For 9.5 we have a patch: