Modified login.fcc form is not showing changes in browser
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Modified login.fcc form is not showing changes in browser


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We have modified the default login.fcc file in our Web Agent to show custom look and feel (logos, etc). However, we can see only the changes if we access using IE11, while we are not seeing any change when using Chrome and Fifefox browsers.

We have cleared the caches and restarted the web server with no success. Also, if we rename the fcc file (like mynewlogin.fcc) then it shows properly in all browsers.

How can we solve this?


Web Agent R12.52 SP1


The login page is being served from other folders due to localization settings. When you access with IE11 browser there is no localization configured, and the file is served from the forms folder (forms/login.fcc), while when you access with Chrome or Firefox the file is being served from a different server depending on the language (forms_en-US/login_en-US.fcc).

To solve this, you can either disable the localization settings by adding the following parameter to the ACO:


Or you can copy the login.fcc to those language folders that will be used naming it properly.

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