How to change default access port for policy manager
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How to change default access port for policy manager


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


User wants to change the default access port to the policy manager via web browser or desktop client.
Their policy manager currently has the default access port (8443) configured and they want to change it to another port of their choice.
Is it possible? 


Gateway:9.2 and 9.3


The following steps would help you to assign the different port to the Policy Manager. 

1. Log in to Policy Manager 
2. Under 'Tasks' navigate to 'Manage Listen Ports' 
3. Create a new port that uses HTTPs and ONLY enables Policy Manager Access 
4. On the 'Pool Settings' tab for the new port, check the 'Use private thread pool' box and set the Thread pool size to 1, by default it is set to 20. 
5. Log out of Policy Manager and connect with the new port you created 
6. Under Manage Listen Ports, remove 'Policy Manager access' from 'Enabled Features' for both port 8443 and 9443. 

With the steps above you are creating a new management port that only functions for Policy Manager Access with a thread pool size of 1 which in turn only allows one connection to the port. 

Logging out of the policy manager is because you cannot make changes to administrative ports while they are in use, the default port used by PM to connect is 8443 so we use our new Management port to make changes to 8443 and 9443.