What is SamlAssertionVersion
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What is SamlAssertionVersion


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


Created two same Services. 
Run "Compare Policy" in the above two Services.  

The following differences appeared in item of SamlAssertionVersion. 
Properties tab: 
Service1 = 2 
Service2 = 1 

Raw XML tab; 
Service1 = <L7p:SamlAssertionVersion intValue="2"/> 
Service2 = There is not that item. 

. Why is not this item in Service2? 
. Also, if this item does not exist, will it affect Service behavior?


CA API Gateway - 8.x
CA API Gateway - 9.x  


This will be different depending on how you create the service.

Each Service creation procedure:

1. Service_1(included <L7p: SamlAssertionVersion intValue = "2" />):
  . Publish Web API
  . set "Service Name" and "Gateway URL" and click "Finish" button.
  . add "Route via HTTP(S)" from Policy Assertions

2. Service_2(none ):
  . Publish Web API
  . set "Service Name" , "Target URL" and "Gateway URL" and click "Finish" button.
("Route via HTTP(S)" is added automatically when service is created)

If it is 1, <L7p: SamlAssertionVersion intValue = "2" /> exists, but in 2 it is not.

There is no problem by this difference.