CAWA2523W  PDSE not accessible - UPDATE not performed
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CAWA2523W  PDSE not accessible - UPDATE not performed


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I am running CAWABATC with UPDATE commands to update members in a PDSE and get  the errors below:

*** CAWA2523W  PDSE my_pdse_dsn not accessible - UPDATE not performed.
*** CAWA2523I  The MEMBER parameter specifies the members within the PDSE            
*** CAWA2523I  my_pdse_dsn to be processed                            
*** CAWA2523I  for the UPDATE function.  The members were not accessible             
*** CAWA2523I  and will not be processed.  The PDSE is most likely                   
*** CAWA2523I  being accessed on another system and therefore not                    
*** CAWA2523I  available for update.                                                 

What can cause this error?


Component: FMMVS


The CAWA2523W error can be caused by CAWABATC running in a sysplex in which SYS1.PARMLIB(IGDSMSxx) specifies (or defaults to) PDSESHARING(NORMAL)

There is also an IBM restriction, if the member is open by a job or started task in another LPAR in the sysplex you cannot do an update-in-place. See: Multiple System Sharing of PDSEs


If PDSESHARING(NORMAL) is specified in SYS1.PARMLIB change it to PDSESHARING(EXTENDED) in the IGDSMSxx member for all LPARs in the sysplex.

If the member is open by a job or started task in another system either:
  • Run the CAWABATC job on the same LPAR as the started task that has the data set allocated with DISP=SHR. This solution will work only if the conflict is with a single LPAR.
  •  Change the CAWABATC job to use the COPY command instead of UPDATE.
For example:
Both SYSUT1 and SYSUT1O DD statements need to point to the same PDSE.