Open Workbench slow performance when loading PPM Projects
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Open Workbench slow performance when loading PPM Projects


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Users are experiencing major performance issues while loading projects from CA PPM into Open Workbench.
Some projects take several minutes to load even though they only have a few tasks and a few team members. 
Any suggestions on what can be the issue?


Component: PPMOWB


The reason is that some database views are being used to populate and also calculate data from different tables. Furthermore there are some attributes on the project which depend on dynamic lookups that use the view in the SQL. As the query in the view was not optimal to start with, it always took some time for projects to load into Open workbench. In addition to this, there was frequent requirements for the viewv to be modified at regular intervals which always removed the view from the database buffer cache. As a consequence after each change in the views, the first time a project was loaded, the view had to be reloaded to the database buffer cache which took a huge amount of time. If customers should experience similar response times when opening projects in OWB, it's a good idea they review their custom attributes, especially ones which depend on SQL-lookups.