How can a User be notified when an Idea is created in PPM?
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How can a User be notified when an Idea is created in PPM?


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How can a User be notified when an Idea is created in PPM?


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To have a user receive an email notification when an idea is created, the option would be to create a process. A process can be created with an action item that would send an email to a user, but to send an email notification without an action item, a gel process would have to created to send the notification. 

Excerpt from more details found at the following communities post Default Notifications: "If your custom notifications are sent out as action items in a process, they will automatically be emailed to your users once email notification is enabled.  However, if you are using gel scripts to send your emails, the email server has to be coded into the gel script.  If you are using the gel:email tab, you can set the gel up to pick up the email server information from the properties.xml file.  If you are using the core:email tag, the email server information is hard-coded into your gel/WSDL script and will need to be changed to include the correct email server information."

If you just wanted to have a PPM notification generated and not an email, below are the steps on how to set up an idea creation PPM notification through creating a process:

1. Go to Administration->Data Administration->Processes 
2. Click New to create a new process 
3. On the Objects tab, click 'Add Primary Object' 
4. Select 'Object Type' of Idea. (If using multiple partitions, ensure the partitions that the process should be used with are selected, by defining in both Partition and Partition Association Mode) 
5. Click 'Save and Return' 
6. Go to the 'Start Options' tab and change the Start Option to 'Auto-start' (Start event should be Create) 
7. Click 'Save and Continue' 
8. Go to the Steps tab and click 'New Step' 
9. Add a name for the step in Step Name (Example "Idea has been created") and Step ID, then click Save 
10. In the Notifications section, select the user you want to send the notification to 
11. Under Post-conditions, click the 'Select Step' link under 'Then Go To' column 
12. Click the Finish checkbox and click 'Add' 
13. Click 'Save and Return' 
14. Click on the 'Start Step' tab and and under Post-conditions, click the link to 'Select Step' under 'Then Go To' 
15. Check the check box next to 'Idea has been created' and click 'Add' 
16. Click 'Save' 
17. Go to the Validation tab 
18. Click 'Validation All and Activate' 

To make sure you get the process notification: 
1. Go to Home->Personal->Account Settings 
2. Go to the Notifications Tab and ensure that Alert is checked for Processes 

Once an idea is created, you can now see the notification in your Notifications portlet (found in Home->General->Notifications)

Additional Information

For details on an out of the box Idea process available for use, see: PMO Idea Review Process