Actions not available to simple user in WCC Quick View
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Actions not available to simple user in WCC Quick View


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) Autosys Workload Automation


When a new user is logged in to WCC to view jobs in Quick View, he can load the job definition but under Search there is no field displayed to allow to select the required "actions" like "Start", "Force Start", "Send Event" .....


All Supported WCC releases


The encountered problem is related to “ConfigurationControlEventDefault” policy not allowed for the user.


The recommended solution will be to proceed by the following steps in order to setup the required policy:


1.  Login to EEM User Interface as "EiamAdmin" user with Application set to “WCC0004”


2.  Take the “Manage Access Policies” Tab


3. Click on “ConfigurationControl” policy and take “ConfigurationControlEventDefault” policy.


4. Set the resource to */Event and add the user to the list of the users who have access to this policy.


Problem resolved by applying the solution.



After adding the user in the list of the users in “ConfigurationControlEventDefault” policy, the user can now see and choose "action" from the list provided in the field with "Start", "Force Start", "Send Event".... in WCC, "Quick View" tab.