Creating mapping of timestamp and respective quarter in Data Loading Form
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Creating mapping of timestamp and respective quarter in Data Loading Form


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In Data form, We provide manual timestamp as record submission timestamp. Now customer has a requirement to map data submission timestamp with quarter.

When a timestamp is placed in the record, then accordingly a respective quarter should be selected. For example If I am giving a timestamp of 20th Apr 2018 then it should automatically populate quarter Q1 for that.

How can I do that mapping?


Component: OBLCRE


There is no control for doing this within the Data Loading Form itself - while we can set default values for fields, it can't pass programmetric data from one to another.

Translation tables exist, but are used to map one specific value to another specific value - there's no way to make values in a range to an item, whether that's a date range or a numeric one.

If you wish to have this information used in the results, then a sql adapter that was pulling this submitted data could do something like

select month(dateField)

and then have entries for which quarter each month was in. However, this is only for use in the results, not as part of the form.

Also remember that "Quarter" does exist as a calculation granularity in the metric itself. If you're calculating (for instance) availability over a quarter you can do this with the report granularity, rather than mapping to a quarter in the event itself.