XCOM Shared Memory in use message during install of CA XCOM
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XCOM Shared Memory in use message during install of CA XCOM


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I have the following issue while trying to isntall XCOM 11.6 SP01 on a Linux environment: 


Preparing to install... 

Extracting the JRE from the installer archive... 

Unpacking the JRE... 

Extracting the installation resources from the installer archive... 

Configuring the installer for this system's environment... 


Launching installer... 


CA XCOM Data Transport r11.6 SP01 (64-bit) (created with InstallAnywhere) 


Preparing CONSOLE Mode Installation... 


XCOM Shared Memory in use 



XCOM Shared Memory is in use. 

Please close all XCOM processes before proceeding for upgrade. 

Installer will now exit 



XCOM r11.6 SP01


If the xcomd deamon is not running and you have uninstalled the previous release, then you want to issue the following commands:

   ipcs -m  --> this command will show you the shared memory segments. If XCOM has a segment you will see:

       ------ Shared Memory Segments -------- 

       key               shmid     owner  perms  bytes      nattch status 

       0x00000019  131072   root     666     338251   1 


   ipcs -s ---> this command will show you the semaphonres. If there is a semaphore for XCOM then you will see this: 

        ------ Semaphore Arrays -------- 

        key              semid   owner   perms nsems 

        0x00000000 0          root      600    1 

        0x00000000 65537   root      600    1 

        0x00000019 262146 root      666    1 


"0x00000019" is XCOM's key. If you see the above then you need to get those cleared out. Please check with your Linux administrator.