APMSQL Suggestions for Large Reports
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APMSQL Suggestions for Large Reports


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Note that APMSQL works the following way :
APMSQL uses a  non-indexed, non sharded Smartstor  Hence it takes a lot of time to query standard RDBMS queries, only some SQL queries using Distinct will perform slowly.
So Large queries are at the mercy of the Smartstor database.


  What can I do to improve APMSQL performance?


 All supported APM releases.


  You can consider the following 
    1) Use a solid-state device for smartstore-DB and also give good amount of memory to the machine.
    2) In APM 10.7 SP1, there will be a setting to the directories where to write temporary buffer data instead of the /tmp directory.
    3) Add 3-4GB more RAM is required to run APMSQL and MOM/collector on same machine.
    4) Running APMSQL on the MOM/collector will reduce network traffic and perform better.