import shows "0% in progress"
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import shows "0% in progress"


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal


After configuring a Universe successfully and trying to run an import on that Universe in Governance, the import shows "0% in progress" and the import never completes.

The import log file shows:

09:56:54,431 INFO  [] (pool-80-thread-7) Live Notifications for Universe TGTUniverse status HOLD: Import in progress - No Master/Model configurations (FlowId=43)


Release: 14.x
Component: Identity Governance


This issue is encountered because of the Workpoint URL being incorrectly specified.  Once the URL was corrected the import completed as expected.

To update the Workpoint URL log in to Identity Governance (IG) and navigate to the setting below:

Home -> Administration -> Settings -> Property Settings -> tms.workflow.url

For cluster deployments, please update the URL for all nodes and cycle the application server.