Output destinations disappeared after upgrade to IPC 15.0
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Output destinations disappeared after upgrade to IPC 15.0


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Datacom IPC Ideal


Just upgraded to IDEAL R15 and issued Display Output Destinations.
Prior to the upgrade there were lots defined, now there are none.
Upgraded IPC to 15.0 and executed VQUPG01. 

Note: this article applies when upgrading to IPC 15.0, if upgrading to IPC 15.1 see article 214550 - After upgrade to IPC 15.1 PSS output destinations missing


z/OS, CA Datacom/DB / IPC 15.0


Prior executing VQUPG01 in IPC 15.0 please read the notes included in the job and follow the instructions: 

//*>>>> NOTE#1:                                                          
//*      Because ADRLIB contains USER JOBCARDS and other site specific   
//*      members, you should allocate the ADRLIB for R15 with the same   
//*      space requirements as your R14 ADRLIB. Also, you should         
//*      review the ADRPNL and ADROUT Datasets to make sure the          
//*      allocation of these Datasets are also adequate for your site.   
//*>>>> NOTE#2:                                                          
//*      If you make extensive use of the PRINT SUBSYSTEM (PSS) you may  
//*      need to copy your printer definitions from the Old ADROUT File  
//*      to the New one. If this is the case you should perform the      
//*      following steps before running this JOB:  
//*      1. Determine the PSS "SYSTEM NAME" and "DESTINATION TABLE NAME"
//*         online via IPCV (OR DDOL OR IDEA) use the                   
//*         "SET OUT SITE" command to get this information.             
//*         The "DESTINATION TABLE NAME" by default is  @PSSDST@        
//*         and "SYSTEM NAME" default is PSS.                           
//*      2. Edit and uncomment the commands to copy/rename the PSS      
//*         DESTINATION TABLE.                                          
//*      3. Review PGM=VLSUTIL and its New Functions in the             
//*         CA IPC Implementation Guide For z/OS Version 15.0.