Virtual Appliance - Extending the Group Object Class
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Virtual Appliance - Extending the Group Object Class


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The documentation shows how to add custom user attributes with the imUserAux class.  How do we add custom attributes to Group objects?


CA Identity Manager Virtual Appliance 14.x


As a "dsa" user, create an im_group_aux.dxc file in ~dsa/config/schema.  Following is a sample:

# IM Unified Group (UG) auxiliary Schema 

schema set oid-prefix im-UGA-attr = (;
schema set oid-prefix im-UGA-oc = (;
schema set oid-prefix im-UGA-nb = (;

# Use the commented schema set attribute below as a sample for additional
# auxilary attributes. Add the attributes name to the must-contain if they are
# required for oparation or to the may-contain section if you just want them
# visible in LDAP browsing tools

#schema set attribute im-UGA-attr:1 = {
#    name = imAuxAttr1
#    ldap-names = imAuxAttr1
#    equality = caseIgnoreMatch
#    syntax = directoryString
#    single-valued

# objectClass configuration
schema set object-class im-UGA-oc:1 = {
    name = imGroupAux
    subclass-of imGroup
        kind = auxiliary
# Add mandatory attribute names to the must-contain section
#    must-contain
# Add non-mandatory attribute names to the may-contain section
#    may-contain

Add additional attributes to this as you would with the im_user_aux.dxc file, and source im_group_aux.dxc in the ~dsa/config/schema/im.dxg file.  Keep a backup copy of im.dxg, as it may be overwritten in future updates.

Additional Information

See the documentation related to user objects here: