SNMPCollector failover procedure
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SNMPCollector failover procedure


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The SNMP Collector is to many customers an essential tool in the monitoring of their environment.
As there is significant investment in time to configure the monitoring it is essential that customers have the ability to backup the collector and easily failover to a new collector should it become necessary.


UIM 8.51 +
SNMP Collector 3.43 +


In order to successfully failover the SNMP Collector the following should be backed up from the production collector.
To ensure the files are uncorrupted the collector should be stopped before starting the backup
  • bulk_config folder - contains all the templates that have been configured
  • snmpcollector.cfg - probe configuration file
  • - contains all the details of snmp devices and their configurations
  • seedfile.json (optional) - if it has been created by customer to do mass discovery using seedfile
  • VendorCertification folder (optional) - if any self-certification has been created and used by the customer.¬†
In order to failover the following procedure should be followed.
  1. Deactivate the current Collector if still running.
  2. Deploy a new SNMP Collector as per the Probe Documentation
  3. Deactivate the new collector and replace the files and folders with those from the backup
  4. Activate the new probe
  5. Using the probe utility run the apply_templates callback

Additional Information

  • This process will work where all alarms are configured within the templates.
  • It is not possible in the current design to backup alarms configured at the device level.
  • If you have configured any alarms at the device level these will not be restored.