Moving an accessed database
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Moving an accessed database


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


The current database of vantage it is installed on a server. This data base is used by all VANTAGE WINDOWS clients. 
How should this data base  be moved to another server continuing to be a common data base? 


The official way to create a shared central database is described in the documentation here under the "Central Database" subtitle (Central Database). 

WC Export and Import functionality is meant for extracting resp. adding specific user objects (user-views, consoles, hosts etc) from resp. to an existing WC database. If you want to share an existing WC database among several WC instances, you do not need either export or import the database. 

In order to create a central database shared among several WC instances:

  1. Create a network share (\\network-location\Storage_folder\subfolder
  2. Install all WC instances which are to share a central database
  3. During each WC installation refer in step "Choose Central Database Location" to the the network share created in the point 1.
  4. After installing all WC instances as described in points 2 and 3, copy content of the central database (typically BrightStor SRM Data\Central) to the network share.

So in other words:

  1. Install on one VMWARE the new Gui from scratch pointing to the new server database location.
  2. Then install the second Gui on the other VMWARE pointing to the first server database address.
  3. After starting the Gui once on each VMWARE and verifying it works fine, then stop it and copy the actual database directory ('C:\BrightStor SRM Data') to replace it on the new location.
  4. The GUI version installed on the new VMWARE should be the exact same version which is actually running.