Can't login using Web Viewer 12.1 after new install
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Can't login using Web Viewer 12.1 after new install


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Output Management Web Viewer


Can't login to Web Viewer after new install. During the configuration (, get a successful connection to the mainframe CCI, but see a login error (NOT RACF-DEFINED) message on the console whenever I enter an invalid user ID.


Release: Web Viewer 12.1
Component: WBVLUW


The UserID employed in the first Web Viewer login was not the same one provided in the Web Viewer configuration process ( The first user to log into the newly installed and configured Web Viewer must be the same user that configured the application/whose ID is listed in


Edit the configuration file to change the DefaultAdministrationID to be that of the administrator who will perform the initial Web Viewer login and subsequently complete initial definitions (roles, users, repositories, etc.) Tomcat (or WebSphere) is then recycled. The primary administrative user and other users should then be able to log in.