Is Performance Management compatible with alternative Linux Operating Systems?
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Is Performance Management compatible with alternative Linux Operating Systems?


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There are many varieties of the Linux Operating System and kernel. We support a limited tested set for use with the Performance Management product.

Some varieties are close enough to tested supported versions that they may work. This article discusses the policy followed when utilizing a Linux variant for a Performance Management product installation.

Is Performance Management supported on the CentOS Operating System?

Is Performance Management supported on the Z-Linux Operating System?

What other Linux Operating Systems are supported for Performance Management, beyond those called out in the product documentation?


All supported Performance Management releases


Performance Management is supported on the these Operating System versions based on the Linux Variant Support Policy.

Variants are supported as long as they are configured to be Red Hat compatible.

Please ensure the complete policy is read and examined in full before moving forward with production critical systems on Operating Systems without full QA testing and vetting.

Linux Variant Support Policy:

Some considerations to be aware of are:

  • Non Red Hat versions of Linux are supported under the policy guidelines but have not been tested in QA.
  • Any problem raised with support identified being due to use of a non Red Hat variants of Linux, we may require the problem be proven via reproduction in the customer environment on a properly supported Red Hat release as seen in product documentation.