How to prompt users to provide a reason for a priority change
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How to prompt users to provide a reason for a priority change


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Users may go into a ticket and change the priority, but in many cases, the end user should justify that action.  This article discusses the actions needed to allow for this functionality.

An end user is trying to change the priority of a ticket, but it is also management's desire to know the reason behind such a change.  


Component: SVCMGT


To toggle this setting:

  • Login to Service Desk with Administrative privileges
  • Access the Administration tab. and drill down into Service Desk -> Requests/Incidents/Problems -> Priority Calculation
  • Select the appropriate Priority Calculation Matrix and edit it.
  • Change the setting "Capture Reason" as needed, then save.

With this setting active, the user would adjust the priority, and as a condition of saving, the end user is presented with this dialog as intended:

User-added image

Additional Information

Note:  This functionality is applicable only with Priority Calculation.  It is not possible to have a justification display appear by changing the priority directly.


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