Moving users or usergroups to <No folder>
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Moving users or usergroups to <No folder>


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


In earlier Versions, new users and user groups where created in Folder <No folder>. This was often used for easier access rights. Restricting access to user or user group objects was realized by setting access rights for folder <No folder>.
It might happen that users or user groups are moved from <No folder> to other folders by an administrator, making these access restrictions ineffective.
Generally, it is not possible to move objects of any kind to the folder <No folder>. Therefore, a way is needed to move these users and groups back to folder <No folder> despite these restrictions.

How can objects of any kind be moved to folder <No folder>?


Release: AUTWAB99000-11.1-Automic Workload Automation-Base Edition


Following method works for any object-type, not only user or user group objects:
  1. Make an XML-Export of the objects you want to move to folder <No folder>. For this, select the object(s) in the explorer and right click on them.
    1. In the Java GUI: Select External & Printing -> Export... and chose a filename and path to export
    2. In AWI: Select Import/Export, in the following dialog select Export. The file is automatically downloaded to your browsers download folder.
  2. In folder <No folder>, right click on some empty area.
    1. In the Java GUI: Select External & Printing -> Import... Check the option Replace existing objects and chose a filename import.
    2. In AWI: Select Import/Export, in the following dialog select Import and check Replace existing objects, then chose a filename to import.
  3. Now the object is imported into folder <No folder>.