Workflow (JobP) takes long time to start after activation
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Workflow (JobP) takes long time to start after activation


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


1. Issue:
  •  Workflow (JobP) takes long time to start after being activated by schedule object
  • Ex: JobP's active time was 4:45 AM, but JobP's start time delayed for long time, it might be 8:30 AM or later.
2. What the log shows in this case:
  • In the log file can see something similar to this

<Please see attached file for image>

User-added image
  • Between JobP active event and JobP start event, there might be many warning message
                - DB table 'MQ1WP' needs to be reorganized. This will be done as soon as possible.
       and it does not have messages:
                - ​DB table 'MQ1WP' is going to be reorganized ...
                - DB table 'MQ1WP' was reorganized.



Component: AAUTEN


System workload high at the time JobP activated
  • The MQ table was full at the time JobP activated, system attempted to reorg the MQ table many time with no success so that system consider the MQ table still full and do not allow JobP to join the Queue to start.
  • JobP has to wait until the system successfully active the MQ reorg function and put it in the queue


1. Workaround:
  • Turn off the Automic MQ reorg function in your system. This can be done by add a new static values to UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS name AUTOMATIC_MQ_REORG with value 1=N.
2. Resolution:
  • Optimize the system workload


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