How to Disable LDAP Authentication in UVMS
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How to Disable LDAP Authentication in UVMS


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


When LDAP integration to authenticate user's passwords  to login to UVMS via the Univiewer console is not required any more but the login accounts need to be kept.



Release: ADUNAS99000-6.0-Automic Dollar Universe-AS


1)  Go to folder  .._MgtServer/app/bin

2) Run the ./unisetvar AUTHENTICATION_MODE I command to remove LDAP integration.

3) Restart UVMS for the change to work.

4) Modify or create user accounts as applies based on UVMS version.
  1. For UVMS version 6.x :
                        1-  Go into each existing ID via the UniViewer console and  change from LDAP to Internal account
                        2-  Set the password manually (instead of using LDAP passwords).

                        3- Assign the Group/Role as required.
  1. For UVMS versions <  6.x
                     Users should be deleted and re-created via command line
                        To add a user account

                                uniadd LOGIN –admin -login <arg> -label <arg> –pwd <arg> -type <arg> -lockpwd -override –offline          
                         To delete a user account
                                 unidlt LOGIN -login <arg> –type <arg>