How to Update the Scheduled Times of Jarvis Processes
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How to Update the Scheduled Times of Jarvis Processes


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   For AXA on-premise installations, Jarvis is used to perform a number of data manipulation processes on the environment's Elasticsearch instances. These processes are cron-scheduled in <AXA_Home>/jarvis/config/

  How can I update the execution time of a Jarvis cron process? 


 Any AXA 17.3 On-Premise Environment.


-To check the time a cron process is scheduled, access the url:

-To update the time a cron process executes, edit <AXA_Home>/jarvis/config/ with the desired time. For example, the following would update the hotwarm_rollover_cron to execute at 6 pm...
hotwarm_rollover_cron=0 0 18 * * ? 

-Then delete the process from Jarvis using the following command... 
curl -XDELETE http://<JarvisHost>:8080/kron/groups/elasticsearch/jobs/<job_name>

For example:
curl -XDELETE http://<JarvisHost>:8080/kron/groups/elasticsearch/jobs/ES-HotWarm-Rollover 

-Restart Jarvis, so that the job can be recreated.
Naviage to <AXA_Home>/bin 
./ -j 
./ -j 

-Finally, verify the results using the url: http://<ElasticSearchHost>:9200/jarvis_kron/_search?size=100&pretty