R14 Windows Client Upgrade From B793 to B871
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R14 Windows Client Upgrade From B793 to B871


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


How to perform a CA Vantage Windows Client upgrading from version B793 to B871 Patch 3?


Component: VANT


Summary: If you need to upgrade from an older version of the Windows Client, and you must preserve your customization, you must perform the upgrade in "steps". 

To check the level of your Windows Client, go to the Main Toolbar / Help / About. 
The level will be listed like: 12.7.793. 

You do not delete the current Windows Client prior to this install. 
You install right on top of the old. 
Download the Windows Client just like you would a PTF. 
1. Go to the Support Home page. 
2. Select Download Center, click on Download Solution 
3. Scroll down to the little box: "Search by Fix/Patch Number". 
4. Enter the PTF numbers: 
4a. RO72100 for: 12.7 SP2 BUILD 871 [B871], then click the "Go" box and download. 
4b. RO96242 for: 12.7 SP2 PATCH 3 , then click the "Go" box and download. 
5. Backup the folder: BrightStor SRM Data 
This is for the rare event that there is a problem with the install. 
Copy it somewhere else on your computer as a backup. 
6. After download of B871, create an empty folder anywhere on your computer. 
7a. Unzip the B871 file. 
7b. Extract all the folders and files to the empty folder you created. 
7c. Be sure that "All files..." and "Use folder names" are both checked. 
A "nest" of folders and files will be created. 
8. In the "root" level folder, you will see SETUP.exe. Double-click this to launch the install. 
9. After the install completes, start the Windows Client and allow it do the updates. 
When they are done, shutdown the WC. 
10. Do the following to install B871 Patch 3. 
11. The download of PTF RO96242 is an exe file 
When you double-click this, it will install over the current install. 
NOTE: You MUST stop the scheduler before you install this Patch. 
12. Restart the WC and accept to convert User Views. 
Once done the Patch is installed, in the Help/About the release is shown as: 12.7.871.3 
After you confirm that the upgrades are good, you can delete the backups of the BrightStor SRM Data folder.